The Block of Gold that is never yours!

Allow me to share an analogy with the help of a story:

Once, a man was walking on the banks of river Ganga in East India. He was satisfied, happy and his life was beautiful. As he was strolling around, he saw a Block of Gold floating down the stream on wooden plank in the river. Considering himself lucky, he swam towards the block and caught hold of it. While swimming back to the shore, he lost balance and eventually his newly obtained Gold block. The block of gold went down the river.

The man sat on the bank weeping and clearly unhappy because of the loss of his block. The Block of Gold would have continued down the river without causing any sorrow to this man. But, by going and claiming the block of gold as his, and losing it later, left him wounded in his heart. It was the value of the relationship that he fixed between himself and the block gave the block the strength to wound him.

So, getting back to us, we try to associate ourselves to the block of gold which symbolizes educational degrees, jobs, relations, businesses. Is it really necessary? Is attachment to something important to enhance performance, achieve more, be happy?

I doubt! 🙂

Nihar Sabnis

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