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The confused youth, episode 3: The Journey of a Master’s student – The virtual Roundtable conference (Part 1)
The confused youth, episode 4: The Journey of a Master’s student – The virtual Roundtable conference (Part 2)


It’s been forty minutes since I’ve been up. I’ve spent that time answering the various Whatsapp messages that I missed overnight, browsing through Instagram notifications, and scrolling through an endless Twitter feed…
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Shall we play?

Children and adults use the time they can spare from ‘required activities’ in different ways. Some of them come pre-approved by the all-knowing public, while others are in constant debate. There has…
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Dealing with failure level 600

I’ve heard elders say, ‘Money brings happiness and a make-believe sense of pride to everyone who possesses it’. I am not going to lie, like all others, my dream is to make…
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An alternative perspective on success!

What is the definition of success? How does one measure success? Can successes of two different people be compared? It’s safe to say that at some point in our lives we have…
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