Who are you listening to?

Nihar Sabnis

The voice with pauses? That is Nihar! Nihar is a sports enthusiast who wants to integrate technology with Sports and Education to create an impact. Having touched various fields, he aims to create an impact by combining the diverse experiences he has. Oh and he loves philosophy. Especially, Indian philosophy! 🙂

Saurabh Varanasi

Saurabh is the scriptwriter of this podcast. The zeal for writing coupled with his love for films is the reason why he has a blog of his own where he reviews Indian films. Having worked in the construction field for close to four years, Khoj is a platform for him to bring his professional experience to the table and guide people to take that one step closer to their dreams. He can further be connected on linkedin.

Stavya Bhatia

A dream-big-do-big aspirant, Stavya has always been an entrepreneur at heart. With never a dull moment, you’ll always see him working on one idea or the other hoping for it to become the next big thing. At Khoj he wants to whet his spark of mentor-ship and spread his learnings to others while also learning so much more in the bargain. Interested in conversation about anything under the sun? Reach out to him here